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Tony Qian

Frank Qian    |     Tony Qian

  Mr. Tony Qian, aged 31, was the vice president, the director of public affairs and the secretary of the Board of Trauson Holdings Company Limited. Mr. Qian graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada with the degrees of BBA and MBA. He is now a registered senior economist. He serves as a member of Changzhou Municipal Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

With the years of experience in the marketing of orthopaedic products, Mr. Qian was mainly responsible for public relations and assisted CEO to manage the product sales. He was also in charge of PR works in orthopaedic industry. Based in Beijing, Mr. Qian had thorough understanding of regulations and policies of orthopaedic industry and reported to the company on emerging industry trends.

At the same time, Mr Qian had substantial experience in orthopaedic marketing promotion for many years. In early 2011, South America Government would like to purchase Chinese orthpaedic products for political propaganda. Mr. Qian got the information and made the positive interactions with China Meheco Corporation. Later, paid a visit to their headquarters. Meanwhile, Mr. Qian leaded the foreign trade team to participate in the South America exhibition which was organized by China Meheco Corporation.  During the exhibition, Trauson got the highly praises for its products from the Government of South America. Through Mr. Qian’s efforts and a series of negotiations, Trauson successfully obtained this order with the value of 400 million, which is the largest oversea order in orthopaedic industry at the Chinese history. It fully demonstrated Mr. Qian’s ability in marketing promotion and his professional ethics.

Furthermore, Mr. Qian has the rich experience in IPO project and M&A. At the early stage of the IPO, Mr. Qian was responsible for the project coordination and legal affairs. From the corporation re-organization to the successfully listing on the main board of HKSE, It fully proved Mr. Qian’s professional knowledge and his skills on capital market operation. In the Stryker acquisition project at the end of 2012, Mr. Qian as the company’s representative won the admiration of Stryker during the negotiations and got a high acquisition premium at this project.

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